We are beer metal...

The Hong Kong Sleepover is a Miller Highlife fueled heavy metal band from Macomb, IL.

When they aren’t guzzling down the champagne of beer, they are traveling around the midwest performing and gaining new fans. The low and heavy sound of their music is only surpassed by their unique and raw vocals. Anyone who is a fan of both drinking copious amounts of beer and enjoying heavy metal can take solace in the fact that The Hong Kong Sleepover is keeping both traditions alive.

Since being formed in 2007, The Hong Kong Sleepover has released three full length albums (Mustard 2008, Bolshevik Firecrackers 2013, and Butcher & Bolt 2019) and one 5 track EP (The Swedish Teaser 2011). Mustard was the album that helped established their fanbase with tracks like “The Greasy Wheel Song” and “Hatchet Man” getting constant airplay. Bolshevik Firecrackers pushed that fan base farther with a heavier sound and it’s acceptance to Pandora Radio. Butcher & Bolt is the perfect brew of the groove filled riffs of Mustard along with the heavy aggressiveness of Bolshevik Firecrackers.

Through the years, The Hong Kong Sleepover has grown and evolved their sound into a genre one could perhaps call “beer metal”. But make no mistake, While they may just seem to be drunken goons you could hire to bust your boss’s kneecaps, their live performances are professional and full of energy.

The Hong Kong Sleepover will continue to create new music, perform, and push their band to the next level as long as the fans will endure them and their beer supply remains plentiful.



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